☼ Contra Dance | Dudley Laufman | Two Fiddles

Nelson Town Hall
Admission $2 (this dance only)

The Nelson Second Saturday Dance in August comes on the eve of Nelson’s Old Home Week. How fitting to have Dudley Laufman come and call, accompanied by his wife Jaqueline, with whom he forms “Two Fiddles”.

Dudley has been calling dances since 1948, and his early history was well-rooted in Nelson. He brought musicians from Nelson to the Newport Folk Festival.

If you know Dudley, you’ll want to come by for this special event. If you don’t, this is a great opportunity to experience an old time Nelson contra dance.

Thanks to support from a generous underwriter, the admission to this dance is only $2.
Email for More Information
or call 603-762-0235


☼ The Short Sisters | Nelson Town Hall

The Short Sisters
Sunday October 12th, 7:00 PM
$12/$9(senior, youth)

Fay Baird, Kate Seeger, and Kim Wallach…

have been singing and performing together since 1979. Though they are not really sisters, and not particularly short, they do sound like sisters and share a delight in harmony. The songs chosen by the trio tell stories and paint pictures, conveying strong visual images through music. They favor a capella arrangements but also accompany themselves with guitar, autoharp and banjo.

Download a Poster for your refrigerator or to post in your local coffee shop.

Open Mic | Nelson Old Home Week

The Monadnock Folklore Society has been running a bi-monthly coffee house in Nelson, however because the next date in the cycle would be August 17th, and the traditional Nelson Old Home Week Open Mic falls on the 16th, we have decided to support that event instead. This will be in the Nelson Town Hall.

It will be a wonderful evening, run by life-long Nelson resident Geoff Williams. The performer roster will be folks from Nelson, or with strong Nelson Connections. There is no charge for the event.

For more information, including performer inquiries, call Geoff at 603-499-1557.


New Recording: Annalivia

I have warm, if somewhat faded, memories of my first wading into the pool of folk music in the mid 1970s; American ballads, their Scottish cousins, and of course the fiddle music: gradually learning to hear the differences between the Scottish, Irish, Cape Breton, French Canadian, and New England styles. And of course the “contemporary” songs – those attributed to a living composer. The pool became an ocean, and it comes pleasantly washing back over me now when I listen to the debut recording from Annalivia.

Titled, simply Annalivia, this album has a bit of everything, from the opening southern ballad “A Sailor Being Tired”, followed by a stately medley of newly composed fiddle tunes: Goon Castle and The Groton Session Jig, contemporary songs composed by Richard Thompson and Mark Simos, a powerful “Cape Breton Set”, and so on – a wonderful variety of styles and genres reflecting influences which include Pentangle, The Bothy Band, Anne Briggs, Fairport Convention, Altan, Jimmy Page, XTC, Steeleye Span, Bill Monroe, Jean Ritchie, Alison Krauss and Union Station, and Emmylou Harris. From such fertile ground Annalivia has build a sound that stands on its own for originality, on a foundation of stellar musicianship. Read more

☼ Contra Dance: Nelson NH Town Hall | Caller: Adina Gordon | Music: Carey Bluhm & Larry Siegel

Saturday, July 12th
Beginner’s Workshop 7:30
Dance 8:00 – 11:30
Admission: $8 / $6 seniors, students
For information: 603.762.0235 or E-mail: Lisa Sieverts

The Nelson Contra Dance on Saturday, July 12th, features the calling of Adina Gordon and the music of Paradocs.

Adina Gordon lives in Asheville, North Carolina, where she is active in the local contra dance community and also travels extensively around the country to call for dances and festivals.

Paradocs consists of local musicians Carey Bluhm on fiddle and Larry Siegel on piano, and is so named because both musicians have PhD degrees! Carey is a psychologist from Fitzwilliam, NH. Larry is a well-known composer whose new work “Kaddish” recently premiered at Keene State College. In addition, as artistic director and founder of Tricinium, Ltd. and director of The Verbatim Project, he has helped towns and organizations create and perform original works of musical theater for more than twelve years.




The Nelson dance opens with a beginner’s workshop at 7:30, and dancing starts at 8:00. All dances are taught throughout the evening.

Dancing in My Parent’s Footsteps ~ by Lisa Sieverts

It’s 1967, I’m 7 years old, dancing Money Musk with my father at the Nelson Town Hall. Newt Tolman plays the tune on his flute. The air is filled with music and dust. I’m in a whirl of confusion as the lines churn around me, I’m not sure where to go, but everyone is smiling and happy so I keep moving. When we finish, my god-mother, Bonnie Allen (now known in these parts as Bonnie Riley), tells me that Money Musk is her favorite dance. It’s a refrain I will hear from her often over the next 40 years. Read more