Ted Sannella

Looking for Stories about Ted Sannella

From Callers David Millstone and David Smukler:

November 18, 2020, marks the 25th anniversary of the death of Ted Sannella. Ted shaped our lives as dancers and callers, and we remember him vividly. Before more time goes by and memories fade, we’d like to use this occasion to collect stories and tributes from others who knew Ted.

Ted published some 170 dances, including contras, squares, triplets, and mixers in various configurations. After the death of Ralph Page, Ted was widely considered the “Dean of New England Callers.” He left behind a vast collection of dance materials, which were donated along with his personal papers to the New Hampshire Library of Traditional Music and Dance at the University of New Hampshire to form the Ted Sannella Collection.

Please send your stories to SannellaStories@gmail.com; we’ll collect them and will arrange for them to be shared more widely. This may happen through a print or web publication of some kind, or—once the COVID-19 pandemic has abated enough that we can dance safely—in dance camp or festival settings. We could even arrange a special Ted Talk!

We will also make sure that all contributions are passed along to the Ted Sannella Collection at UNH and shared with members of Ted’s family.

See NEFFA for more information about Ted.