Village Harmony | Francestown

Village Harmony Concert
The Community Church of Francestown
Francestown, NH

Info: 899-3249.
Admission $10, $5 for students and seniors.

American shape-note, gospel and Appalachian harmonies, traditional music from Caucasus Georgia and Bosnia, and South African songs and dances.  Led by Suzannah Park, Carl Linich, Luke Hoffman.

The 24 bold and talented teenage singers and instrumentalists come from eight states as well as Bosnia.  The two Bosnian girls participating are members of a youth choir there that collaborated with Village Harmony in Bosnia last summer; they will be leading a number of their traditional songs.

Suzannah Park, a brilliant Appalachian singer and veteran leader with Village Harmony and Northern Harmony, comes from a family of three generations of traditional musicians and singers, and is well known throughout the country for her work as a teacher and performer of traditional Appalachian music and dance.   She sang with Village Harmony from the time she was 11, and is in her eighth year of leading Village Harmony camps.

Carl Linich is probably America’s foremost teacher and performer of the ancient singing traditions from Georgia.  This music features arresting non-western harmonies, and a dark and sonorous vocal style.  Carl lived in Georgia for many years and worked with many of the most outstanding traditional singers there, and continues to lead regular performance and study tours there.

Luke Hoffman also sang and toured with Village Harmony as a teen and is in his third year as a camp leader.  He is a gifted percussionist and has special expertise in early gospel quartet singing.

Village Harmony’s many recordings and songbooks will be available for sale at the concerts.  The concert will be offered at The Community Church of Francestown on Main Street.  Admission at the door is $10, $5 for students and seniors.   For information, please call 899-3249.

Village Harmony is an umbrella organization which every summer sponsors ten ensembles like this one, both in New England and in numerous foreign countries. .  Each group develops its own unique sound, but all share common traits:  a powerful, natural, unrestrained, vocal sound; a remarkable variety of vocal styles and timbres, as appropriate to the many varieties of ethnic and traditional music; and the visible, vibrant community among the singers and audience as they share in a joyous celebration of music.  This particular group rehearsed intensively for eight days at a retreat center in the Berkshires before taking their program on the road for two weeks of performances.  For further information visit the Village Harmony website: