☼ ☼ ☼ Cosy Sheridan | Nelson Town Hall


Cosy Sheridan returns to the Nelson Town Hall Friday, November 13th for an 8:00 PM show. Admission is $15/$12(senior, youth).

Mythic songwriter Cosy Sheridan and her wryly insightful songs have been showcased everywhere from Carnegie Hall to The Dr Demento Show. In her new CD on Waterbug Records, Live At CedarHouse, listeners can sample a taste of Sheridan’s live performances and see why she’s been called “one of the era’s finest and most thoughtful singer-songwriters” and why Acoustic Guitar Magazine wrote, “If I were going to throw an all-girl dinner party at which I wanted to laugh and cry from the hors d’oeuvres to the chocolate pudding, Cosy Sheridan is the first woman I’d invite.”

Sheridan is one of the pre-eminent songwriters on the folk scene documenting the lives of modern women. She places the fast-paced culture of 21st century America into a mythic context with insightful, energetic and at times comic effect. Who else would think to make botox injections the modern equivalent of the beauty cream of Persephone, Queen of the Underworld? Or to find a modern Psyche reminiscing about Eros from a women’s prison?