Fierce Modal: A New Recording from Flynn Cohen

Fierce ModalWhen I first heard Flynn Cohen (several years ago) he was playing backup guitar behind three stellar fiddlers who were wowing the audience with an array of fancy stuff.  It wasn’t until late in the concert when Flynn did a solo set that his ability to similarly dazzle was displayed.  Since that time I’ve come to admire his playing for his willingness to understate. Or perhaps another way of saying that is that Flynn doesn’t play a note unless it needs to be played.

His latest solo album, Fierce Modal, is a daring effort consisting of entirely original instrumentals. It opens with a gentle meditation he calls “End of an Era”, which gave me an image of a pool of water,  glimmering in sunlight, but seemingly standing still. Then you realize that the water is moving – not very fast, and not very far, but in a very logical way. Read more

A Civil War Ball

To launch its exhibit, The Civil War, the Peterborough Historical Society is presenting a Civil War Ball, on Friday, March 25, at  7:30 PM. This gala event is open to the public, and promises to be an instructive and entertaining evening.

Dances from the Civil War era will be taught by David Millstone, a dance caller, historian, and documentary film maker from Lebanon, NH.  David is an excellent teacher, however he notes that the dances from this period, which include circle, square, and longway set dances (as well as polkas and waltzes) are not complicated – they can be easily enjoyed by those with little or no dancing experience.

Music is provided by the band Spare Parts, a trio of flute, fiddle and piano who specializes in period dance music. The group has recorded a CD called The Civil War Ballroom, and a companion book, The Civil War Ballroom Band Book. We are especially delighted to have this illustrious trio playing for this event.

Dancers are invited to appear in period costume, however this is not required, and everyone is welcome. While everyone will be encouraged to dance, those who are unable to should feel welcome to come and observe. David Millstone will be providing some narrative about the history of the dances, though the primary emphasis will be on dancing and having fun.

The setting is the Peterborough Historical Society’s Bass Hall, a lovely chestnut-paneled room that serves as an elegant venue for the dance. Light refreshments will be provided.

Admission is $12. It is recommended that tickets be purchased in advance, as the capacity of the hall is limited. They are available from the PHS Website (click here) , or at the PHS office, 19 Grove St. in Peterborough, NH. For more information you may also call PHS at 603.924.3235.

Claudia Schmidt ~ Nelson Town Hall

Ticket $15 / $12 senior, student, (advance)


claudia_schmidtClaudia opened “The Folkway Remembered” concert series at the Peterborough Historical Society last January. She nurtured old friends and made new friends, and it is a pleasure to welcome her back to New Hampshire.

Schmidt takes her audiences into her world as easily as the child who discovers the endless universes that exist in a cardboard box.

From lying on sandy beaches under an endless barrage of northern lights, to the expected anguish and frustration of spinning tires on cars stuck deep in snow, from the age-old struggle of change between adolescence and adulthood to the observation of sheer idiocy, she leaves it to the imagination of her audience to conjure their own images of her storytelling and song. No interpretation of a Claudia Schmidt song or story is wrong-she invites audiences to tie their associations to her style.

Schmidt weaves her way through her concert in much the same manner as a jester. Interwoven anecdotes, revealing her past and present, bring people to expect a relationship between themselves and memories driven deep with the passage of time. The concert is an endless display of self-realization through humor and longing, leaving audience members yearning to become an integral part of her world.

☼ ☼ ☼ Nelson 2nd Saturday Contra Dance

Nelson Town Hall
Admission $8 / $6 seniors and students

Beginner’s Workshop 7:30

The Dead Sea Squirrels is a string band with a twist.  Our tunes come mainly from the Southern US, but because we play for contra dances, our repertoire is made up of danceable tunes arranged in medleys designed to closely match and enhance the movements of the particular contra dance being taught/called.  We tend to push the boundaries of the southern style with spontaneous fiddle and fiddle/guitar harmonies.

Members of the band consist of Craig Edwards and Cathy Mason on twin fiddles or fiddle/banjo, and Henry Yoshimura on guitar.  We have played and toured widely on the East Coast, and have rocked the house at venues including the Cambridge VFW dance, Glen Echo, MD, Shepherdstown, WV, Glenside, PA, Bethlehem, PA and many others, as well as dance and music weekends and festivals, most recently, The Folk Project in New Jersey.

Band members are active musicians in many other bands as well, including: The Zydecats, Grand Bois Cajun Band, The Rhythm Method String Band and The Brazen Hussies.

Open Mike | Dublin

Dublin Open Mike Night at the

Dublin Town Hall
Rt 101, Dublin NH
Parking and Entrance Behind the Hall
Upstairs, Handicapped Accessible

Acoustic musicians, poets and storytellers are welcome to perform solo or accompanied.

Sign up is first come, first served at 6:45 PM the night of the event, see Harry

Harry Lowenthal, a musician based in Dublin, NH, is organizing the second season of the Dublin Open Mike, to be held at the beautifully renovated Dublin Town Hall. The show begins at 7:00 pm. Performance time for each participant will depend on the number of acts that sign up, first come first served. Come to participate or to enjoy your favorite local artists. Donations welcome.

Dawn Dance | Brattleboro

The Brattleboro Memorial Day Dawn Dance will take place on Sunday May 30th, 2010 at the Gibson Aiken Center on Main Street in Brattleboro, VT.  The dance begins with English dancing from 2:30 to 5:30 PM with Robin Hayden calling, Naomi Morse on violin and viola, Eric Martin on violin and viola, and Chloe Maher on piano.  The contra dance segment begins at 8:00 PM and ends at 7:00 AM, and features three bands and three callers including Rick Mohr with Nightingale, Peter Amidon with Rumblestrip, and Diane Silver with Ari and Mia Friedman, Emily Troll, and Owen Marshall. Tickets are $10 for English, $20 for contra, and $25 for both ($7/$15/$22 for students and seniors), and can be purchased online at, at Maple Leaf Music in Brattleboro, or at the door the day of the dance.

Media Contact:
Nils Fredland

The Terry Landis Band | RelRossi’s

Waitress “Terrasita” returns with family and friends after their hugely successful CD RELEASE PARTY last fall to enthrall us again with her beautiful collection of “world/jazz” music, some new work, some originals, all impeccably crafted and soulfully arranged for a musical performance of joy and delight.


DelRossi’s Trattoria

Dublin NH

Revontulet and Oivan Ilo—Finnish Music & Dance | Mariposa Museum | Peterborough

On First Friday, June 4th at 7pm the Mariposa Museum will host a performance by the Finnish folkdance group “Revontulet” accompanied by the music of “Oivan Ilo.”
“Revontulet”, meaning (Northern Lights) has been performing for the past 50 years.  They are dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Finnish dance traditions.  The dances, music and traditional dress are examples of those worn in Finland during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Folk dancing in Finland originated either with peasants frequently portraying some part of daily life or they were copied from dances of the gentry.  Currently there are about 30,000 Finns in Finland that regularly do folk dancing. There are 30 folk dance groups internationally, of which “Revontulet” is one.  Membership is open to anyone interested in learning to dance. The group rehearses at the Finnish Center at Saima Park in Fitchburg, MA.

Accompanying “Revoltulet” will be “Oivan Ilo” which includes, John Chambers, accordion, fiddle, mandolin; Christine Anderson, fiddle; John Rosenfelder, bass, fiddle; Sharon Rosenfelder, accordion; and Cedwyn Morgan, mandolin.

The name “Oivan Ilo” translates Oiva’s Joy, named for Christine and Sharon’s Finnish American father, Oiva Anderson, of New Ipswich, who did not play music but enjoyed dancing and listening, and met both his wives while dancing.
Following the performance the Mariposa invites their guests to participate in informal dancing to the music of “Oivan Ilo” and led by “Revontulet.”

From 6-7pm, preceding the performance, there will be a reception including special Finnish treats prepared and donated by the Finnish Heritage Society—Sovittaja.
From 5-6 will be KidCraft—Pop-up card.
First Friday events are free. Donations gratefully accepted.

The Mariposa is wheelchair accessible.
For more information phone: 924-4555 or email

Press Contact:
Mariposa Museum & World Culture Center
26 Main Street
Peterborough, NH  03458