A Folkway Coffee House Concert | Peterborough

Sponsored by the Peterborough Historical Society

Concert at Bass Hall, Peterborough Historical Society, Grove St. Peterborough

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Since the 1950s coffee houses have served as small venues where folk performers could play their music in an atmosphere of quiet and respect for the musicians and the messages in their songs.  When The Folkway first opened in February 1975 it was a “Coffee House” in the best sense of that tradition.  The first acts were local guitarists and singers who performed for the love of the music.  People came to listen for the same reason and the Folkway soon became known for it’s very respectful and attentive audiences.

We wish to repeat this experience with a long evening that features many of those local musicians who both helped to establish the Folkway and carried it on with their talents.  These were typically people with other jobs whose love for the music brought them to the stage at the Folkway.  We hope to get many of those once familiar names back in town to our stage.
This will also be a time for former Folkway staff and customers to share stories in remembrance.

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