Newsletter Archive (1981 – 1983)

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November – December, 1981
MFS “Debut” Editorial
MFS presents Malcolm Dalglish and Grey Larsen
Sandy Bradley and the Small Wonder String Band – Contra Dance
MFS Christmas Cotilion
Halloween/Samhain (article)
Listing of other concerts in the area, including Nowell Sing We Clear in Dublin and Gordon Bok in Nelson

February 1982
Coffeehouse at Gap Mountain Bakery
MFS Presents Renaissance and Baroque Music
Nelson Contras
Editorial on the variety of music
Listing of other concerts in the area, including Lui Collins at the Folkway and Margaret MacArthur at Deacon Brodie’s Tavern

March 1982
MFS Presents DO’A
Joint Coffeehouse with MFS and Monadnock Energy Project
Listing of other concerts in the area, including Dave Mallet at the Folkway, and Magical Strings at Deacon Brodie’s Tavern

April 1982
MFS Presents the Battlefield Band
MFS Spring Party and Dance – Troy – Morris Dancing by the Harrisville Women on the green, followed by a contra dance with Tod Whittemore, Music by April Limber and Bob McQuillen
MFS Contra Dance: Ken Wilson, calling, Music by Roger Treat and Gordon Peery
MFS sponsors Lecture and Course in Celtic Art by Art Ketchen from Gallowglass Studio
Meditations of April, from Mary DesRosiers
Listing of other concerts in the area, including Orrin Star and Gary Mehalick at the Folkway, and Chris Morgan at Deacon Brodie’s Tavern

July 1982
MFS Presents Leo Kretzner
Listing of New England music festivals
Listing of New England Craft Fairs
Holidays – The first of several articles contributed by novelist Morgan Llywelyn
Musician’s Profile: Smith, Struthers, Terriberry and Wozmak
Listing of other concerts in the area, including Paul Geremia at the Folkway and Peter and Mary Alice Amidon at Deacon Brodie’s Tavern

August 1982
MFS Presents a Dance and Concert with Susie Crate, and Fred and Jenny Armstrong-Park, from Swannanoa, NC
Friends of the Dublin Town Hall
Press Release for the First Annual International Zucchini Festival in Harrisville
When the Set Gets Shorter (is contra dancing dying), by Mary DesRosiers
Musician Profile: Chris Pearne – Singer, Songwriter, Luthier
Listing of other concerts in the area, including Stan Rogers at the Folkway and Lily at Deacon Brodie’s Tavern

September 1982
MFS Presents the Cranberry Lake Jug Band
Article: The sale of Deacon Brodies Tavern, and the end of music there
The Return of Mary DesRosier’s “A Delicate Balance” on Peterborough radio station WMDK
Listing of other concerts in the area, including Bill Staines at the Folkway, and Whole Wheat at Gap Mountain Breads

October 1982
MFS Presents George Winston, Alex DeGrassi and Scott Cossu (A Windham Hill Showcase) (see poster for this concert)
MFS Presents Na Cabarfeidh (see poster for this concert)
The Celts: Who? What? When? Where”, by Morgan Llywelyn
Listing of other concerts in the area, including Tom Dundee at the Folkway and Jesse Winchester at the Iron Horse

November 1982
MFS Presents DO’A
Local Focus, by Alouette Iselin – soliciting input by and about local music/musicians
Listing of other concerts in the area, including Greg Brown at the Folkway and Dave Van Ronk at the Champlain Folklore Cooperative 

December 1982
MFS – Second Annual Christmas Party
Local Focus: The Carol of the Spirit of Christmas Present, by Alouette Iselin
Celtic Art (an article and drawings)  by Arthur Ketchen
Listing of other concerts in the area, including Guy Van Duser and Billy Novick at the Folkway and Nowell Sing We Clear in Dublin

January 1983
MFS Presents David Bates, Storyteller
Musician Profile: Allan Block
Local Focus: Alouette Iselin explores the use of dancing and playing music frenetically as a means of post-holiday weight-control.
Music and Dance: The Celtic Approach, by Morgan Llywelyn
A Farewell to Noel Coppage, music journalist
Listing of other concerts in the area, including John Gailmore at the Folkway and Rosalie Sorels at the Welcome Table

February 1983
MFS Presents Harvey Tolman and Jason Little
Cape Breton Music
A Celebration of 8 years of the Folkway
   Reflections on the Folkway, by Lui Collins
   A Brief History of the Folkway, by Dick Neville
   An Astrological Chart of the Folkway, by Judy Havey
   The Spirit of the Folkway, by Gordon Peery
Listing of other concerts in the area, including Sally Rogers at the Folkway and Joe Val and the New England Bluegrass Boys at the Welcome Table