Barn Dance | Holderness

Barn Dance
When: July 9, 2011 7:30pm-10:30pm
Where: Squam Lakes Association Fisher Family Youth Activity Barn,
US Route 3 Holderness
Cost: $8 per person (students and youth $4)

What is a Barn Dance? Barn Dancing, or Contra Dancing, is traditional dance for all ages and skill levels, couples and singles. All dances are taught, don’t have to bring a partner. Carry in clean soft soled shoes, a water bottle, smile and prepare to have fun! It’s a non-smoking, alcohol free environment for joyful exercise with great LIVE music!

Meet the Musicians:

Byron Ricker (Caller) After dancing habitually for over a decade, in 1999 Byron found some weekends open where there weren’t any dances close by, so he started a dance and began calling. Since then he’s been calling regular and special occasion dances in VT, ME and NH. He teaches couples dances as well.

Roger Treat (Fiddle) Known for his driving style, Roger was first inspired by the fiddlers he heard as a child while summering in Cape Breton , Nova Scotia . Though a VT native, his focus remains rooted in the traditional dance music of Cape Breton . Roger is heard throughout the New England area playing Contra dances and ceilidhs – and is heard regularly at the Monday night contra dance in Nelson since 1980. Roger’s love for the fiddle also led him to pursue the art of bow making, where he is well respected in the field. See

Lloyd Carr (Piano) If you’ve been to the Nelson dances, you’ve seen that while Roger fiddles around, Lloyd Carr entertains everyone on the piano. Originally from New York City , Lloyd found contra dancing when he moved to NH to teach at Rivier College . He felt a strong connection with the special quality of the tunes and rhythms of the Cape Breton music. He started playing the piano 10 yrs ago and has spent the last 10 summers in Cape Breton working on mastering the style.