Cape Breton Camp in Brookfield VT

Fiddler and step dancer Andrea Beaton will be down from Cape Breton and joining
me for a four day camp from Aug 23 – 26. The location is at the Old Town Hall
in historic Pond Village, Brookfield , VT Camp will run from 10 – 4 each day,
and the cost is $240/person. There is also a chance that we’ll be joined by Mac
Morin on Monday and Tuesday. For those of you who don’t know him, Mac is an
amazing Cape Breton piano player and step dancer. So…if there are any people
out there wishing to learn some Cape Breton piano accompaniment…..Mac is as
good as it gets.

Also the 4 day cost will be reduced to $225 if I receive a $100 deposit by
August 16th. The day rate is $70/day.

Please call for more info after August 14th…… Beth Telford 802-728-6351