Claudia Schmidt | Peterborough, NH

Bass Hall, Peterborough Historical Society
19 Grove St., Peterborough

Claudia Schmidt has been perfecting her craft of performing for almost four decades. Her performances are a quirky and wonderful hodge-podge (her words!) of music, poetry, story, laughter. drama, and celebrating the moment.

Work in clubs, theaters, festivals, TV, radio has added depth and dimension to her act.  Since she has always included her original work along with very personal versions of the work of others, what you get is a unique look at the world from someone who describes what she sees with clarity, humor, and wonder.

The San Francisco Bay Guardian said: “Schmidt’s shows are a lot like falling in love. You never know what’s going to happen next, chances are it’s going to be wonderful, every moment is burned into your memory and you know you’ll never be the same again.”  More succinctly, Garrison Keiilor said “when Claudia sings a song, it stays sung”.

$18 in advance – $21 at the door
Visit the Peterborough Historical Society website for more details and to order tickets.