Cold River Ranters and Blackjack Crossing | Brattleboro

Brattleboro, VT   Friday the 13th is a lucky night for acoustic music lovers.   The Hooker-Dunham Theater will host two all-acoustic bands from both sides of the river.

Don’t miss this musical feast featuring The Cold River Ranters from Keene, New Hampshire and Brattleboro’s own Blackjack Crossing.   They will be serving up their own unique blends on Friday night, November 13 beginning at 7:00 PM.

The evening will kick off with The Cold River Ranters’ “gonzo roots and primitive Americana”.   The six-piece Ranters stomp out their tunes on a mix of tenor banjo, accordion, mandolin, fiddle, saxophone, clarinet, steel resonator guitar, folk flutes, penny whistle, acoustic bass, washboard and, on occasion, jawbone!  Their melodies reflect various cultural traditions-Appalachian, African, even South Asian-but the lyric writing and the singers’s blood- and-guts voices are not to be missed. Think acoustic, think folksy, but anticipate an edge beyond.   A night with the Cold River Ranters is always a celebration!

Black Jack Crossing spans the decades from old- time fiddle tunes and bluegrass to contemporary artists and originals.  Fiddle, banjo, acoustic bass, guitar and mandolin pour out down-home folk country bluegrass and beyond bluegrass.

You can find Hooker- Dunham Theater at 139 Main Street in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Tickets are available at the door for $10 or you can purchase them by calling 603 313-8349.