Darryl Purpose | Harrisville

At Deb’s House Concerts in Chesham (Harrisville, NH)
Ten years ago, Darryl Purpose was the first musician to play at Deb’s and the musician responsible for the idea of Deb’s House Concerts.

It has been ten years of fabulous memorable house concerts at Deb’s and we would like to celebrate.

“Darryl Purpose’s music hits all the vital areas: the heart, the mind and the gut… Purpose delivers these tales in language that is precise and unflinching, with a voice
that rings true from experience. These songs never let go.”
– New Orleans Gambit Weekly

“Purpose has the voice of James Taylor, the brains of Bob Dylan, and the soul of Willie Nelson.” -Attache, US Airlines in-flight magazine
Darryl Purpose

Sunday, April 22, 2012
Pot luck at 5pm
Concert at 6pm
Tickets $15.00