Dudley Laufman National Heritage Fellowship Concert – Radio

The National Heritage Fellowship concert is now on American Routes radio website.

Go to

Click: Listen To Hour 2

The Routes Radio image pops up in another window for playing the show
To hear music and dance segment with Dudley which lasts about 5 minutes scroll to 19:43. There is no segment of Nick’s interview with Dudley. This is likely why they added other Fellows from other years to keep the music flowing rather than listeners have to wade through ten or eleven interviews throughout the show.

To Scroll: On the Routes Radio image that plays the show, use the vertical red “tuner” bar in the black/grey window over the min:sec to scroll to 19:43.

Nick got it wrong. 40 years? I’ve been at this 63 years.

Click: View Full Playlist to see other segments of the playlist

Public radio stations in New Hampshire are airing the show Saturday, Dec. 26 at 9:00 pm. You can check the American Routes website for stations in your state for the day and time it’ll be broadcast http://americanroutes.publicradio.org/stations/

Jacqueline & Dudley

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