First Friday Mariposa: Music from Scandinavia

On First Friday, March 5th at 7pm, the Mariposa will present “Bringing in the Light—Music, Dance & Folklore from Scandinavia” with Andrea Larson, Henriette Isene, lydia ievins and Gideon and Joanna Morse.fiddles and nyckelharpa

Over the centuries the long Nordic winters were a wealth of creativity. The many hours of darkness not only yielded beautiful handwork, from intricate sweaters to woven rugs but also fiddle tunes were crafted and dance steps enjoyed for hours at a time.

The performance at the Mariposa will include folk songs played on Swedish and Norwegian national instruments, the nyckelharpa and the Hardanger Fiddle and the dances that follow their tunes.

Fiddler extraordinaire, Andrea Larson’s entire repertoire included ballads, mouth-music and fiddle tunes from Scotland, Ireland and Scandinavia. Prior to moving to New Hampshire in 2001, Andrea toured nationally as a soprano in the Waverly Consort’s “American Journey” program. As a collaborative musician, she has worked with director Richard Schechtner, choreographers Martita Goshen and Liz Claire and composers Glen Velez and Wayne Hankin. The past few Decembers Andrea Larson appeared as the fiddler in the Cambridge and New York City Christmas Revels.

Whether playing Scandinavian, contra or English Country dance music, lydia ievins infuses her fiddling with great musicality, grace and precision. Her love for creating rich harmonic lines led her into exploring the vibrant traditions of Swedish fiddling, and thence into taking up the challenging and haunting nyckelharpa, or keyed fiddle, the national instrument of Sweden.

Henriette Isene, originally from Oslo, Norway, has had a lifelong love of music and dance. Her enthusiasm for her native folk songs is infectious, her delivery of them passionate and memorable.

Gideon Morse, is an amazing Norwegian dancer and his wife, seasoned artist Joanna Morse, plays the Hardanger fiddle, the Norwegian national instrument.

Prior to the performance the Mariposa will host a wine and cheese reception from 6-7pm for their ongoing exhibition “Peoples of the North”.

KidCraft from 5-6pm will be Paper-weaving.

All First Friday events are free, donations graciously accepted.

The Mariposa is handicap accessible. For more information phone: 924-4555 or email