Folknotes: July 2010

The Folklore Society has been on summer break, after a busy Fall, Winter and Spring season that saw many dances, concerts, and local celebrations. We’re gearing up for the coming Autumn and promise many fine events. Of course, the Nelson Monday Dance continues to create its magic every week, whether the Society is resting or not.

One item of note: The Nelson Second Saturday Dance will be held on the First Saturday in August: 8/7. Old Home Day happens to fall on the second Saturday this year, and therefore there are many reasons to move the dance forward by one week. Dudley and Jacqueline Laufman will provide music and calling for what’s become an August tradition just before Old Home Week. As has been true for many years, there will not be a Peterborough contra dance on the first Saturday in August while Monadnock Music takes over the Peterborough Town Hall.

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