Hot Dance on a Cold Night – Norwich, VT

It’s official! We’ll be holding another Hot Dance on a Cold Night in Tracy Hall,
Norwich, VT, on a 5th Saturday this winter, on January 29, 2011. This is an
occasional event (last held in 2009) that is aimed at experienced dancers, an
evening with less time spent on teaching basic figures and an opportunty to
tackle a few dances that are more challenging than you’d find at a regular
monthly dance.

David Millstone will be calling, presenting a selection of contras, rip-roarin’
squares, triplets, and perhaps an oddball dance or two to stimulate your
neurons, excite your feet, and leave you grinning all evening long.

Music will be provided by an exciting new band: Arigana Highway, consisting of
Mary Cay Brass on piano and accordion; Alden Robinson, a hot young fiddler from
Portland, Maine; Stuart Kenney on bass and banjo, and Matthew Kenney on

(The band’s name comes from a tune Stuart wrote on banjo – and that name in turn
comes from his kids singing This Land is Your Land – and mistaking “a ribbon of
highway” for Arigana Highway. Now you know!)

Rick Barrows will be providing the sound system.