John McCutcheon | Brattleboro

First Baptist Church, 190 Main St., downtown Brattleboro VT

Tickets: $18 in advance / $21 at the door

Tickets available on line at
or in person at:  The Toadstool, Colony Mill, Keene NH
Everyone’s Bookstore, 23 Elliot St., Brattleboro VT
World Eye Bookshop, 156 Main St., Greenfield MA

Put on by Red Horse Productions (Mary Lea)
Call (802) 257-1571 for more information.

John McCutcheon is one of the most respected and beloved folk performers in the U.S. Master of a dozen different traditional instruments, inspiring storyteller and songwriter, he is a consummate artist whose songs and stories have great universality, wit and charm. His thirty recordings have garnered every imaginable honor including seven Grammy nominations, and he has produced twenty albums of other artists, from traditional fiddlers to contemporary singer-songwriters to educational and documentary works.

Although a Wisconsin native, he has lived many years in rural Appalachia and had a long apprenticeship to many of the legendary figures of this regional music. Whether playing the hammered dulcimer, banjo or fiddle, or singing an original or traditional song, his music has the mark of place, family and strength. His storytelling style, an important part of his performance, has been compared to Will Rogers and Garrison Keillor.

John’s music has made its way into the lives and homes of one of the broadest audiences any folk musician has ever enjoyed. His performances demonstrate his commitment to building community and fostering humanitarian ideals, his delight in family interactions, his strong support of grass roots movements and love of traditional music. People of every generation and background seem to feel at home in a concert hall when John McCutcheon takes the stage.

“John McCutcheon is one of the best loved performing musicians in the country. His words combine the objectivity of a hard-news journalist and the sensibility of the Romantic poets. The result is something more universal than either.”
–Marshfield News-Herald

“John McCutcheon is a booster for all that is good in the human race. You can always count on John McCutcheon’s music to provide quality time for families.” –Chicago Tribune

“This notion of telling stories of ordinary people who have done great things, and carrying those stories from one place to another,  of telling people, ‘ this is where I’ve been, these are the stories I can bring you,’ is the heart of what I do. That’s my goal. If you can recognize yourself in my songs, then I’ve done my job,” –John McCutcheon

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