Kaiser Cartel – Armadillo’s

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Courtney Kaiser’s voice envelopes you in a richness so deep, so dense that if someone told you you had to break from it to save yourself from mortal danger, you may not be able to–you may not want to. The song is already beautiful, but she raises it to the level of devastatingly gorgeous. If she asks if you’re okay, you have no choice but to answer “yes”–while you’re listening to that voice, you are, indeed “okay”. The song builds from her vocals and a softly strummed guitar to include a full compliment of guitars, keyboards, tamborine and the addition of band mate Benjamin Cartel’s vocals.

Advanced Tickets $15
Student Tickets w/ID $12
Day of Show Tickets $18
Doors Open 5pm
Show Begins 6pm
All Ages Welcome