Lou and Peter Berryman House Concert

House Concert in Nelson, NH — For info call 603.847.9975 or write to tombuttrick@yahoo.com

Lou and Peter Berryman are musical humorists who have delighted nationwide audiences for more than twenty years. Frequent comparisons to Tom Lehrer, Flanders and Swann, and Burns and Allen notwithstanding, these two are originals, blending Midwestern culture with intelligent observation in a whimsical and wonderfully accessible performance. They have produced twelve albums and three song books of their original and hilarious, quirky, yet oddly profound songs, and have toured the US and Canada to rave reviews. Berryman songs are being sung around the world, by a legion of professional musicians, including Peter, Paul & Mary, Peggy Seeger and Garrison Keillor, as well as shower singers everywhere.

During the early years they were motivated to write new songs every week, many about the history, cheese, beer and strange politics of their home state of Wisconsin. By the mid ’80s they were traveling all across the country, still writing and singing, but now with a broader perspective, finding that the quirks of their home state were not so much Midwestern as human. In these twenty-five years of performing together, Lou and Peter have produced almost twenty albums and three songbooks worth of hilarious, quirky, yet oddly profound songs, rich with word play and interesting images.

Lou and Peter have released almost twenty recordings and are working on their fourth songbook. Pete Seeger, Tom Paxton and Tom Lehrer count themselves among their fans. Their work has appeared in numerous compilations such as the popular RISE UP SINGING songbook, in periodicles like SING OUT! Magazine, and in many audio collections. Berryman songs are being sung around the world by a legion of professional musicians including Peter, Paul and Mary, Garrison Keillor and Peggy Seeger, as well as shower singers everywhere. They have appeared numerous times on such national programs as MPR’s A Prairie Home Companion and NPR’s Weekend Edition, and tour across North America throughout the year.

Lou and Peter live about a mile from each other in Madison, Wisconsin, with their respective spouses of almost thirty years, Mark Hodgson and Kristi Seifert.

To make reservations, click the Buy Now button. As this is a house concert in New Hampshire in February, please bring your slippers, as we will be requesting shoes be left in the entryway.