Medicine Crow

Orange Earth Productions Presents
Acoustic Sundays at Armadillo’s Burritos
82 Main Street, Keene

Music that tells stories that grow out of the rich historical and cultural landscape that is America;
from Appalachia to the Delta to destinations unknown.

Medicine Crow
Advanced Tickets $15
Student Tickets w/ID $12
Day of Show Tickets $18
Doors Open 5pm
Show Begins 6pm
All Ages

Mike Iott, who plays under the name Medicine Crow, the youngest and least disciplined of five very musically talented siblings, began playing guitar when he was 14 years old. His mother, in despair at his unwillingness to “knuckle down” and take his piano lessons seriously, relented and bought him a cheap, Japanese made classical guitar for Christmas in 1967. He took lessons for about six weeks and then launched out on his own creative adventures of learning songs by the Beatles, The Byrds, Peter Paul & Mary and eventually finding his way to the treasury of Bob Dylan songs.

Mike played and wrote songs throughout several years of traveling the country in the early 1970’s, hitchhiking and laying over to replenish his finances and learning lots of new material and techniques in the course of his travels. In the mid-seventies music took a back seat to School and earning a living. During that time he built a repertoire topical songs from the likes of Woody Guthrie, Dylan, Stephen Stills and bands such as The Band; Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and The Byrds.

In the 1990’s after yet another hiatus from performing, Mike joined The Last Hippie Band, a Lansing area cover and jam band that that primarily featured prodigious talents of Thom Burke. Mike and Thom found that their vocal talents and instrumental skills complemented each other quite well and for most of the late nineties, The Last Hippie Band was known for giving their audiences a mind-blowing and eclectic mix of the familiar and the not-so-familiar of the psychedelic era of rock music. They featured cover material by The Grateful Dead, The Band, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Bob Marley and The Wailers plus many other obscure songs from that era, as well a handful of powerful original songs.

When the adoption of his son in 2000 made traveling with The Last Hippie Band impractical, Mike reverted to playing solo in the local (Lansing MI) area and adopted the stage name of Medicine Crow. In late 2001 Medicine Crow released a self titled CD of 16 original songs and an adaptation of the Katherine Lee Bates classic “America The Beautiful” in recognition of the events of September 11, 2001. That release sold fairly well and received an enthusiastic response from his audiences.