Mustard’s Retreat | Harrisville NH

Deb’s Chesham House Concerts
In the comfort of an informal living room.

Mustard’s Retreat
Sunday, April 17th at 6:00pm
Potluck at 5:00pm
Tickets $15

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“Mustard’s Retreat…come see them. They put words together beautifully.”—Utah Philips

“Uplifting…joyful..the missing link between the traditional and the contemporary.”—Anne Saunders, programmer for the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival

“Mustard’s Retreat represent everything that is best about folk music…extraordinary songs, and attention to details. Their music comes from our common roots and traditions, pays tribute to those roots and expands on them. It is music for real people about real things- life, love, sex and death- the big stuff.. ,and the songs have entered the lexicon of “anonymous” folk songs and are being passed from hand to hand- which is the ultimate tribute to a songwriter. When I’m part of a co-bill I’m usually too nervous to listen to the act immediately preceding me . However, last year I sat, utterly charmed, in the wings of the theatre, watching David and Michael work their spell on the audience. The audience roared for more when they finished. I hated having to follow them. Their music is community music. It is music that speaks to peoples hearts and lives and binds them together as an audience. To watch a Mustard’s Retreat show is not to see a formal “performance” but something more real and precious: a sharing of songs and experience- Michael and David unfold their songs, whether traditional or contemporary or their own extraordinary compositions and one sees the audience being invited into their world and drawing closer together. One watches couples react to the songs-the shared laugh, the sidelong glance, and smile of recognition – this song is about us! the squeeze of the hand or shoulder. In an every widening ” market” where everyone seems to be ” the next big thing” and we are overwhelmed by an endless string of sensitive sullen poseurs who keep one eye on the bottom line and the other on the nearest mirror, David and Michael stand out as the real thing: two grown men singing grown up songs for all the right reasons; writing to make sense of their lives, helping us to make sense of ours, sharing much, talking little, trying to find the most graceful path and being able to laugh at the inevitable stumbles and head bumps along the way- here’s to another 25 years.”—Garnet Rogers

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House Concerts build strong friendships between musicians, presenters, and listeners. Most importantly, House Concerts provide the most intimate and compelling performance environment available. – Darryl Purpose

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