NH Fiddle Madness at Bass Hall in Peterborough – November 19 2021

After more than a year, Music in Bass Hall returns with New Hampshire Fiddle Madness on November 19th!

How delightful to be at a Celtic music session, listening to enchanting tunes from Ireland, Scotland, Shetland, Cape Breton, and of course our own Celtic-influenced New England music. Part of the magic of such a session is the intuitive interaction between musicians, a spontaneity that can only come from years of familiarity with the repertoire. That’s what you’ll experience at this Music in Bass Hall concert as some of the region’s finest performers come together for an evening of fabulous fiddle music. While these musicians have played in various configurations with each other for many years, this is a rare opportunity to hear them all performing together.

Tickets are required in ADVANCE, see https://monadnockcenter.org/event/new-hampshire-fiddle-madness/ for more information and to buy tickets.