Northeast Heritage Music Camp | Johnson State College

Northeast Heritage Music Camp is now in full operation for 2011. We have our
staff selected, our website has a whole new look, and we’re ready to accept
registrations. We’re already excited about our upcoming Camp, and we hope you’ll
join us again for another week of traditional music immersion.

Here’s the details:

Dates: June 12-18, 2011
Place: Johnson State College

Program: We continue to offer many levels and more options. We offer four levels
of fiddle: novice, lower intermediate, upper intermediate, and advanced. We
offer multiple levels of banjo, flute, and piano. You can take a bunch of guitar
classes, a whole day of singing classes, or a whole day of band classes, You can
also study stepdancing, dance calling, Breton repertoire, English Country-Dance
repertoire, instrumental or vocal harmonizing, and song-writing. If you want to
check out exactly what we have in mind, our 2011 preliminary “daily schedule” is
now up on the website, at

Staff: We’ve made a few changes in our staff for 2011. Returning are Timothy
Cummings, Eric Favreau, Kimberly Fraser, Sarah Hotchkiss, Alan Jabbour, David
Kaynor, David Surette, and Pete Sutherland, not to mention us directors Peter
Langston and Ken Perlman. Here are our newcomers: Tony DeMarco (Irish fiddle),
Loretto Reid (flute & whistle), and Peter Barnes (piano).

As always, bios and photos of our staff are posted on the website,

Here’s another change. We continue to tinker with the organization of our
schedule. To make afternoons a bit more relaxed we’re going to give everyone two
free periods during the afternoon — an extra half hour after lunch before
classes begin, and then a full hour between the end of classes and dinner. To
make this possible, we’re moving the jams after dinner and shortening them just
a bit. With judicious schedule juggling we’ve figured we can do all this and
start the concert just half an hour later than in previous years.

Sign Up Early!: It always helps us out when you sign well ahead, and since the
economic crisis is still with us, we could use a little extra reassurance. If
you know you’ll be coming to Camp, why wait — sign up now!

We look forward to seeing you in June!

Ken and Peter,