Crooked Still

Crooked Still

Friday, March 12, 8:00pm
Peterborough Players Theater

Presented by the Peterborough Folk Music Society

Still Crooked is an ensemble effort of inspired music making that moves the group’s’ impossible to pigeonhole style in new directions while honoring their folk roots. “It’s hard to pin down our music,” bass player Corey DiMario says. “We play improvised old time music, bluegrass, folk and our own songs within the broad context of a string band. Like a lot of today’s bands, we have modern and traditional influences that confuse the boundaries. We want to keep blurring those lines to make something all our own.”

Crooked Still’s genre-bending sound is the combination of five distinctive talents (a fiddler, cellist, lead vocalist, bass guitar and lead guitar), who are not content to limit themselves to any one project or style of music. Each individual contribution is enriched by the multidimensionality of their creative wellspring. Together, they have uncovered new facets of brilliance on Still Crooked. The genesis of the group continues to evolve. Much like moonshine distilled in the apparatus that inspired their name, Crooked Still is still fermenting. And the music on Still Crooked is undeniably intoxicating.

Crooked Still on YouTube.

Tickets: $18 advance/ $21 day of the show