☼ FolkSoul Band | Nelson Town Hall

Mardi Gras Concert
Music and Dancing

$12/$9 (Sr/Jr)

You can download the poster for this event here.  Print it out, put it on your refrigerator, or bring it to your office bulletin board to help promote this event.</p>




The Folksoul Band plays American tribal music. What is American tribal music? It’s dance music for one thing–it’s rock’n’roll when it was first invented, in the City of Song, New Orleans, where Dixieland first began, where Cajun music grew, where Calypso music and Reggae first came to America, where American tribal music first came to be. Where Funky got its Funk. The Folksoul Band has taken these influences to heart, with percussion, horns, guitar, playing new and old songs with harmonies and great vocals, bringing new life to these roots music and dance forms. A party band, no question–it’s all about dancing and having a good time, celebrating life, family, community, love, and work, and all the things that make life worth living. Full of surprises, energy, a communal happening!

The Folksoul Band in 2008 played at the Mamapalooza Festival in NYC, The New England CultureFest in Lowell MA, Viva la Vinal in Somerville, MA, Peak into Peterborough in Peterborough, NH, also at The Mariposa Museum in Peterborough for the Mardi Gras Festival, and Harlows Pub, also in Peterborough, NH, and The Milford Pumpkin Festival, Milford, NH.

Tara Greenblatt–percussion and vocalist

Tudy Strapparo–vocalist

Karl Wilson–tuba

Fred Simmons–trombone and vocalist

Walden Whitham–saxophones, flute, clarinet

Leslie Vogel–accordian and vocalist

Barbara Leavy–balafon

Philip Sherwood–guitar