Tracy/Murphy/Bode/Amidon New Years Eve Concert | December 31, 2021

        **Tracy/Murphy/Bode/Amidon New Years Eve Concert**

    (Fri, Dec 31 at the Brattleboro Music Center

     Live Concerts  5:00 pm and 7:30 pm – purchase tickets here:

             Join us online- 7:30 pm – no tickets required – here’s the link:


**#1 a note from Keith Murphy:**

We are all aware of the shifting ground under our feet right now. We have been excited to pull together a version of our traditional New Year’s Eve concert with the Brattleboro Music Center, an organization that has done great work through the recent phase of the pandemic in producing safe, well-controlled live events. Now with the current wave of Omicron, we realize that many people who would otherwise have come to this show will feel better not attending in person. So we have been rushing to organize a live stream on youtube. We still plan on playing at the BMC and will still open the doors for what we expect to be a small, in-person audience. The auditorium is a big room, people will be well spread out and we will be performing with masks. Like everyone else, we look forward to less complicated times! Meanwhile, you should be able to join us.

**#2 essentials:**

      \* \* T W E N T I E T H   A N N U A L \* \*

            **Becky Tracy**

              **Keith Murphy**

                 **Zara Bode**

                   **Stefan Amidon**

                      **Peter Amidon**

                         **Mary Alice Amidon**

 \* \* N E W   Y E A R S   E V E   C O N C E R T S \* \*

                   this year sponsored by the   

                   Brattleboro Music Center

         and held at the_ Brattleboro Music Center

                     72 Blanche Moyse Way

            Friday, December 31

         two live 75-minute concerts at

           **5:00 pm**  and  **7:30 pm**

     Here is what you need to know:

**Tickets for the live shows -** $15 adult, $5 youth (6-14), free to 5 and under (please reserve a seat)

                    12 and older must present proof of vaccination or negative PCR test at the door

                          (age 11 and under are not required to have proof of vaccination or negative PCR test)

                    Everyone, including children, must be masked.

_**#3 more details**_

Becky Tracy & Keith Murphy, Stefan Amidon & Zara Bode, and Peter & Mary Alice Amidon present their 20th Brattleboro New Year’s Eve concert of New England, Appalachian, Irish and French-Canadian dance music, fiddling from around the world, and a feast of singing including singing for all.

Keith Murphy (guitar, mandolin, piano, foot percussion) and Becky Tracy (fiddle) will heat up the hall with fiercely intelligent and driving arrangements of dance tunes and traditional songs. Becky Tracy plays with the popular contra dance band Wild Asparagus; Keith Murphy has been a headliner in the Cambridge Revels, and he sang and acted the part of Dudley Laufman in Larry Siegel’s musical theater show “The Dancing Master”. Keith plays a central role in the Childsplay annual concerts both as a musician and an arranger. Becky and Keith are both founding members of the Nightingale trio which broke new ground in its sophisticated approach to traditional music. They are founders and teachers of the Traditional Music Educational Program at the Brattleboro Music Center. Their music was featured in the Ken Burns documentary on the Roosevelts. 

While the dynamic pair of Zara Bode and Stefan Amidon are not well known as a ‘duo’ per say, they are greatly admired as the faces behind musical sensations The Sweetback Sisters and The Devil Makes Three. Stefan is a master percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, and expressive bass singer. And Zara is a powerful vocalist of rare versatility that captivates our audiences year after year with her gorgeous interpretations of songs old and new. Both are members of the new extraordinary “Zara Bode Little Big Band”.  Fresh off their Sweetback Sisters Country Christmas Singalong Spectacular tour Stefan and Zara are sure to delight with their marvelous and often eccentric musical selections.  

Devoted to traditional music and dance, Peter and Mary Alice are freelance musicians, dance educators, choral arrangers/leaders, and publishers of music and dance materials.  Mary Alice is a member of, and Peter co-Music Director of the Guilford Community Church Choir, and of Hallowell, southeastern Vermont’s hospice singing group. Their choral arrangements and compositions are being sung by hundreds of church and community choirs in the U.S. and the UK. 

For more information on the concert please call 802-257-1006 or 802- 257-4720.

For information on tickets or safety protocols call the BMC at 802-257-4523.