Workshop with Lissa Schneckenburger | Concord NH

Workshops at the Concord Community Music School, (23 Wall St in Concord NH).

Performance Craft Master Class:
Three workshops on May 17th, June 14th, and July 19th

This class is for musicians who are interested in becoming better performers, and is open to all levels, instruments, and musical styles. Whether you are a beginning musician who has never played in front of other people before, or an accomplished professional with years of experience, there is always a way to find new satisfaction in sharing music with others. In the course of three sessions we will look at what makes a good performance, and how to improve your own. The class will include performance tips, exercises, examples, and a chance to perform in front of the class with group feedback. Please bring a recording device to each session, and come with a short piece of music prepared to play in class.

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